'Add to Your Box' Collecting Service

'Add to Your Box' collecting service gives you to opportunity to buy items as and when you see something you want, enabling you to save money by combining shipping of items purchased over a 4-month period.

Add to Your Box Collecting Service

Simply select the 'Add to your box' shipping option and pay for the items. We will then add them to your customer box, and once the box has reached an agreed shipping limit, or after 4 months has passed, we will then contact you and ask you to pay for the combined shipping amount.

Terms and conditions apply, please see below for more information.


Terms & Conditions of the 'Add to Your Box' Collecting Service

- The four months collecting period commences from the date of the first order. 

- The standard agreed shipping limit is set at 2kg for Standard International shipping with tracking (set at 45.00 CAD / 32.50 USD at the time of writing). Limits can be adjusted upon request and written agreement.

- Request for shipping to paid will be made via email, after the shipment reaches the agreed limit, or after 4 months have passed since the first order was placed. Payment for shipping is required within 2 weeks from the date of the request being sent. If payment is not received, then all of the applicable orders will be cancelled, and a refund will be provided.

- Once items have been purchased, the order will be marked as being fulfilled, and refunds will not be provided for chance of mind.

- Toy Car Box reserves the right to deny this service to persons who repeatedly fail to pay for shipping, and is currently only available for customers in the US & Canada.

If you have any questions, then please get in contact.